Terms and Conditions

The Wedding Planner Services include professional advice towards differtent supplier`s options, guidance through all stages of the wedding planning process, taking care of all arrangements that will help and make the Client`s decision process more eficiente. The Wedding Planning contracted services include overseeing set ups assembly and coordination among suppliers on the wedding day, according to a “script” for the wedding, previosly defined by the client.


The event detailed description and schedule of the day is to be confirmed by the Organisation along the planning process. A letter of agreement/wedding update with all the agreed information together with the venue and catering specific requirements and conditions, as well as from all other suppliers involved in the event, will be sent for your knowledge, official approval and therefore, accountability, along the planning process. Should the client hire the wedding planner service for a pre o post wedding event, this is to be included for the Clients acknowledment in the letter of agreement/wedding update, and the Wedding Planner Fee will be updated in order to cover the additional service.

Booking of a civil ceremony: The Portuguese registrar or registry office has final say on granting official permission for the wedding to move forward after seeing the paperwork.

Booking of a religious ceremony: The Portuguese priest or Curia has final say on granting official permission for the wedding to move forward after seeing the paperwork.

Booking of services/venue: The wedding planning service is an intermediating service between the couple and the service provider/venue. The wedding planner requests proposals and negotiates the best rates and conditions, advises the couple on details to consider, and fixes details of the service with the service provider.

Handling of bookings: Any service booking will be handled in written. The wedding planner is able to prove any agreements made with service providers through the e-mails sent and received.

Payment for service providers: The wedding planner offers a payment forwarding service through the bank account. This service is legally not accounted as a re-sale and therefore no IVA/VAT or mark-up fees are applied. The service is to facilitate payment procedures for couples based outside Portugal.

Outdoor weddings: The registrar may ask for a shade or rain shelter in order to agree to your chosen wedding location. In case there is bad weather and no alternative for a location the civil wedding will take place in the registry office. Last minute changes of time and date to accommodate your wish for an outdoor wedding can be attempted without guarantee, depending on the availability of the registrar.

Booking conditions: All services booked require a non-refundable confirmation deposit of 50 %. The remaining amount has to be paid either in cash on the wedding day or latest 5 days prior to the wedding day by bank transfer or PayPal.

Cancellations: In case of cancelations there are no additional charges. The confirmations of booking deposits already paid are non-refundable.

Postponing of wedding day: If due to unpredictable circumstances you have to change your wedding date, a surcharge for additional planning work may apply. This has to be calculated individually according to the progress of arrangements already made and arrangements requested. The service provider deposits may be lost. This has to be confirmed with each service provider.

Termination of the contract: The contract will terminate automatically upon completion.