You can book with us a celebrant for your wedding ceremony. Our celebrants officiate non legal ceremonies and also are available to be translators for the civil part of your wedding.

The ceremony languages our celebrants speak are: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, French, Russian, Lithuanian and Spanish.

Celebration Wedding Package starts from 350 € 


Wedding certificate

This certificate is a symbolic certificate and can be used for celebration ceremonies and for civil ceremonies with celebrations. It is a printed certificate with a wax seal. If you wish witnesses can also sign.

See also our Family wedding certificate

Sand ceremony

A personal ritual that you may want to include in your wedding ceremony is the sand ceremony. After bride and groom have given each other their promises the celebrant invites them to pour sand from two bottles in one bottle, to symbolize the joining of lives that are now inseparable as the grains of the sand. You can choose the colours for the sand or simply opt for darker and lighter coloured sand. The bottle with the sand that was poured will be a keep sake that you can take home with you. It can easily be transported as it is sealed with a cork.

The costs to add the sand ritual to your ceremony are 25 €

Please tell your wedding planner you wish to include this into your wedding ceremony or if you wish to send you the sand ritual kit by post please contact us to order.