Our Team

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Meet Our Team

We are a currently a team of 8 wedding planners (Melanie, Maria, Xavier, Gloria, Kaja, Sofia, Andreas and Ines), all of us enthusiastic, young in spirit and rich in years of experience.

Our qualities are that we are nice and friendly people ;-), that we work fast and reliable and transparent (no hidden extra costs 😉

We have a broad cultural background of countries of origin and countries we already lived in, so we understand completely the challenge of a destination wedding and we are not just an intermediate and translator for you but we clear any language and culture hurdles where necessary.

Further we are proud that our website gives plenty of real info about getting married in Portugal. And we all are very creative and good in improvisation when trouble shooting is needed.

And of course we know plenty of Service providers and locations that we can recommend and/or book for you.