Wedding Package Service Benefits

Wedding Package Benefits


Professional Guidance

With a team of dedicated wedding planners doing all the legwork for you, and guiding you in your decisions, our team of talented individuals, who are specialised in their areas, will work together to make your day a success.


One Person

No need for you to chase after suppliers and vendors, you only have to deal with one member of our team from start to finish, and they will do all the hard work, ensuring that everything is running smoothly with all the people involved.


Stress Free

Our service packages allow you to go through this as stress free and relaxing as possible, leaving you to enjoy the journey.


Personalized Service

A wedding package does not mean a cookie cut wedding. All our weddings are designed with you in mind and your visions and ideas are taken into account to create a unique wedding that reflects your personality as a couple, giving you a signature wedding.


Concept to Execution

From start to finish, you can count on us to be there, seeing that every step of the way is going to plan, ensuring success on your actual wedding day.


Save both Time & Money

Our aim is to give you the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank or wasting your time. We already have a good repertoire with all the different suppliers and know their rates, allowing us to present you with only the best deals for your destination wedding in Portugal.