ALGARVE – Church in Praia de Luz

The village church of the quaint Praia da Luz village in Algarve can be used for catholic weddings as well as church of England weddings.

Please note it is not allowed to throw anything such as rice or petals inside the church and outside only biodegradable materials may be thrown, such as real flower petals or rice flour petals.

There is an organ available for use and a CD player for the build in sound system that can be used to play music. Or we can book musicians to play for you during your ceremony. We also are happy to help you book flowers to decorate the church for your wedding ceremony.

There will be a rehearsal for the wedding 2 -3 days prior to the wedding day.

You will need 2-4 witnesses for a legal valid wedding at this church.

Contact us to book this church.

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