Book your wedding flowers through us.  We work with professional florists all over Portugal and can provide you with the following flowers at any time of the year for any location.

Please note our booking fee for orders above 200 € is 75€ and the booking fee for any order below the total value of 200€ is 40€.

Please see below gallery for bridal bouquet examples.

Please send us a photo of the bouquet and other flowers you would like or simply define a colour scheme and preferred flower types. The florist will match the bouquet as close as possible to your  description/photo using flowers within the budget quoted. If you wish a personalized quote with exact matching flowers, please let us know.

Note: Delivery costs are not included for orders below 100 €

Here is the list of items which you may need

  • Bridal Bouquet 
  • Brides maids’ bouquet 
  • Boutonnieres and corsages
  • Tossing bouquet 
  • Gift bouquet 
  • Ceremony table arrangement 
  • Church centre altar arrangements
    (for to put on the floor in front of the centre altar)
  • Church arrangements for side altars 
  • Pew flowers 

Bouquets from 120€

Bouquets from 100€

Bouquets from 95€