Why Portugal?

Portugal is considered by many guides, travel writers, bloggers and media from around the world specialising in travel and tourism, as the World’s Best Destination.

So here are some reasons why Portugal is the ideal choice for your Destination Wedding.


Minimal documentation

Presently, no legal residency is requirement for a wedding in Portugal, making it one of the few countries in the European Union where citizens from other countries, regardless of nationality, religion or gender, can officially register their marriage without the need to obtain a special visa (a tourist visa, when needed, is enough), furthermore, the Portuguese marriage certificate is recognized in more than forty countries.

Should it be necessary, we can take care of any legalities for your marriage. If the couple have already registered the marriage in their own country of residence, the ideal choice would be a symbolic ceremony followed, of course, by the honeymoon.


Venues – Spoiled for Choice

We offer you a varied choice of venues for your wedding in Portugal, from the broad vineyards of the Douro Valley, or the amber cork fields of Alentejo, to the beautiful ancient castles, churches and stunning palaces of the royal family, and the many vintage estates, not to mention the wedding venues with breath-taking ocean views, we ensure the perfect venue match to suit all your preferences and dreams for your Destination Wedding!


Sun, Sand and Sea

The presence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Portuguese climate, with its very sunny summers and mild winters, make Portugal a holiday destination renowned for sun, sea and walks along the beach all year round. In fact, the Portuguese coast is almost an unbroken single beach extending more than 850 km.


Gastronomy and Wines

Portuguese cuisine is greatly appreciated by all who savour it, leaving those who taste it with good memories and a desire for more. The country’s location and proximity to the Atlantic gives prominence to fish and seafood as its main cuisine, which is even better when enjoyed along the seafront under the pleasant Portuguese sun. Top this with the addition of a huge variety of national high quality table wines and you’ll have a meal set for a king, or queen.

During your Destination Wedding in Portugal only the best will be served for you and your guests. WE guarantee you will not be disappointed.


The People…

One of the things that tourists notice most when they visit us, is the Portuguese hospitality and friendliness, who are always ready to help, be it to give you directions or to advise you on the best restaurant, wine or sight to see, we are happy to help and proud to show off our country and our English. Perhaps it is the yearlong sun that brings out our good disposition, welcoming anyone, wherever they’re from…


Array of Experiences

From the many traditional coffee shops to the trendy markets, the paradisiacal beaches and the fascinatingly urban city centre, its centuries of architecture and the many exotic, protected forests, you will find Portugal’s glamour in its streets, its monuments, the typical “Bica” (espresso) and the infamous “Pasteis de Nata” (custard tarts), not to mention the abundance of surfing, music festivals, golf and the varied landscapes. Your Destination Wedding in Portugal will offer you many memorable and authentic experiences



Portugal is home to many talented wedding professionals. Our vendors include the best decorators, florists, stylists and makeup artists, photographers and videographers.

Portugal is becoming one of the world’s biggest experts in high quality service. From the great hotels available, to restaurants and the many tourist attractions, Portugal has been the most popular tourist destination of recent years. With good prices versus quality received, friendly people, and great quality hospitality, tourists have been unable to turn down this vacation jump to Portugal. You will feel extremely well received during your stay for your Destination Wedding in Portugal.