Ericeira_beach_wedding_6Celebration ceremonies are non-legal binding weddings and are officiated by one of our celebrants in the language of your choice.

A celebration ceremony is a great way to celebrate your wedding, unlike at a civil wedding you do not need to worry about paperwork or any restrictions the civil registrar may give.
You may choose to have a  civil  ceremony before or after the celebration ceremony. Even if you don’t plan to get married legally, there is nothing to stop you having a celebration ceremony.

Please read through these sample texts to get an idea of what the ceremony could be like.

You are welcome to mix parts of the different ceremony sample texts and change or edit the texts.

The Fee for our Celebration Ceremonies is from 350 €.

Please contact us for more information and bookings or for a non-­committal chat on Skype or telephone with our celebrants.

Download the details for celebration weddings form here.

You can also find more information and answers to the frequently asked question regarding celebration ceremonies below.

For the celebration ceremony we have the following options:

  • Celebration ceremony – from 350 €
  • Celebration ceremony with Your-Story-text – from 450 €, this is including the option of adding your personal story written by one of our ceremony text writers . We create this story text from the information you give us through the detail sheet or through information given through conversations in a Skype or phone call. Don’t worry you always have the option to see the text prior to the ceremony and make changes to your liking.

Languages for celebration ceremonies:
We offer celebration ceremonies in English, German and Portuguese, as well as bi-lingual ceremonies.
We also have some ceremony text samples in Dutch and Russian and can translate texts on request.New translations will be quoted by your wedding planner.

Planning of ceremony: We need the chosen the base wedding text from here

till approx 2 weeks before the wedding. However it may be better to send it as soon as you have chosen, so we have time to overlook it. If you would like to add a personal story please let us know and either send us the written answers to the below questions or schedule a Skype call with us no less than 1 month prior to the wedding.
We also need you to fill in the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.
You may also choose any of the wedding rites from this link:

Your-Story: We offer to write for your wedding ceremony a personal story,  please see a samples of a personalized text here:
If you would like us to write a personal text about you to add to the ceremony than please reply to the below questions. This can also be done through a Skype call.

Optional you can just send us a personal story you would like us to include into the ceremony. (no additional costs apply)

Your Story Questions

  • Where and when did you met for the first time?
  • How and when did you start dating?
  • Who proposed, how and where?
  • What does this step of getting married mean to you?
  • What do you like best about your partner?
  • What do you not like very much, but agree to live with?
  • What do the people present as witnesses mean to you?
  • Is there anyone you’d like to mention especially?

Ceremony rehearsals: A ceremony rehearsal can be held at a pre agreed time. There is an additional charge which is quoted individually for each wedding.

Readings: Find some samples for readings that your guests may want to read during your wedding ceremony.

What happens on the day: On the wedding day the celebrant will arrive approx 1 hour prior to the ceremony.
Wherever possible the celebrant will briefly visit the bride wherever she is getting ready and agree to who will give the signal to the bride to enter the ceremony area.
After this the celebrant meets and greets the groom, who will if possible introduce the ring holder and any guests who might be doing the readings.
The celebrant will also inspect the ceremony site and make sure everything is set up correctly.
He/she will talk to the musicians/sound technician to agree regarding music queues. The celebrant will advise a messenger to the bride when everyone is being seated. The groom and celebrant will await the bride at the end of the aisle. There are other ways to do this for example you could also come in together.

Our Celebrants: Being a celebrant is a task that requests sensitivity to the occasion and a fine tuning of being in the moment.
This is your moment and a good celebrant will guide this so there is room for all the emotions that go with it and at the same time will be there to guide you safely through.
The moment of taking your vows is an emotional experience for most people.
It is a significant point in time being connected with your family and friends who are sharing the occasion with you.
We also feel very honoured to be part of this.

In case the celebrant booked is not available due to an unforeseen event we will send a different celebrant, ensuring that you have the same quality for the service.