Beach wedding PortugalPortugal has many km of beautiful beaches and you can have your wedding ceremony  at the beach.

None of Portugals beaches are private, all beaches are with acess for the general public.

Especially for civil weddings we need to get a license from the Capitania and if the beach belongs to a nature reserve we also need to get a license from the nature reserve office.

In the summer month during the official bathing period of the year on many beaches it is only possible to get such a license after 7pm. Outside the bathing period other times are possible too. The bathing period varies from location to location but is generally form mid June till mid September. At the beach locations on our website you can get married also during the summer month before 7pm.

We do suggest for the summer month to choose the morning hours, before 1pm, when there aren’t so many people on the beach yet.

If you have chosen a different beach than we can check for you if it is possible to get married there and what the conditions are. We also will check with the local registry office on there conditions.

On the day of the wedding your translator/celebrant will be waiting for you at the beach or at a agreed location.

We suggest to decorated the beach a little, besides it’s natural beauty it is nice to add some decoration to bring up the festive occasion. See our decoration suggestions here

Have a look at our beach location suggestions and send us an e-mail with your request.