Ceremony Texts


Opening Words

I would like to welcome you here today to share in the celebration of bride and groom marriage. We are here today to share with bride and groom a most joyous occasion.

They have decided to seal their love

with the rite of passage

known as marriage

and have invited us to witness this tradition

and their commitment to each other.

bride and groom want to thank you

for being such an integral part of their lives

and for the love and support

you have always given them.

On this very special day

they are also thinking of all their family in ______________.

They hope that this day is one of joy for you all

with a celebration of life, love, family and friendship.

bride and groom are looking forward

to love, happiness, having a family to cherish

and growing old together.

Real love in marriage

is something beyond the warmth and glow,

the excitement and romance of being deeply in love.

It’s caring as much about the welfare

and happiness of your marriage partner

as your own.

But real love is not being totally absorbed in each other.

It is looking outward in the same direction together.

Love makes burdens lighter because you divide them,

it makes joys more intense because you share them.

It makes you stronger so you can reach out

and become involved with life in ways you dared not risk alone.

The beautiful thing about love is

that it’s an experience we share with the whole of mankind and yet,

to everyone who falls in love,

it is the most unique and precious thing in the world.

A really happy marriage

is founded on love and friendship.

There is nothing in life

that love cannot change.

Love is, of its nature, unselfish, understanding and kind.

True love too, is a commitment of heart and mind.

There is no stronger bond to ensure a happy married life.


The Asking

bride and groom,

as it is now time to exchange your vows

could you please face each other and join hands.

Groom, will you take bride to be your wife?

Will you love her, comfort her,

honour and cherish her

in times of sickness and health

and forsaking all others be true only to her

as long as you both shall live?

groom: I will.

Bride, will you take groom to be your husband?

Will you love him, comfort him,

honour and cherish him

in times of sickness and health

and forsaking all others be true only to him

as long as you both shall live?

Bride : I will.

The Vows

Groom, please repeat after me:

I ask the people here present to witness

that I, groom

take you, bride,

to be my wife;

to live with you and laugh with you;

to stand by your side and sleep in your arms;

to be joy to your heart and food to your soul;

to bring out the best in you always;

and, for you, to be the most that I can;

to laugh with you in the good times;

to struggle with you in the bad;

to support you when you are downhearted;

to wipe your tears with my hands;

to comfort you with my body;

to mirror you with my soul;

to share with you all my riches and honours

until we grow old.

Bride, please repeat after me:

I ask the people here present to witness

that I, bride,

take you, groom

to be my husband.

Groom, you have brought me happiness and adventure,

you have encouraged and inspired me

and helped me to be a more beautiful person and a kinder soul.

With you by my side,

I know my life is more complete.

As your faithful wife,

I promise to love and respect you,

to support and encourage you in life decisions,

to stand by you in sickness and in health,

through the good and the bad times,

to laugh and cry with you,

to share our dreams

and to grow together in the years to come.

Today I marry my best friend,

my true love,

the one I laugh with, live for and love.

Ring Ceremony

bride and groom,

today you have chosen to exchange rings

to symbolise the commitment you have made to each other

and the love you share.

Traditionally, the passage to the status of husband and wife

is marked by the exchange of rings.

These rings are a symbol of the unbroken circle of love.

Love freely given has no beginning and no end.

Love freely given has no giver and no receiver

for each is the giver and each is the receiver of love.

May these rings remind you always

of the vows you have taken here today.


as you place the ring on bride s finger,

please repeat after me:

bride, with this ring, I give you my love for eternity.


as you place the ring on groom s finger,

please repeat after me:

Groom, with this ring, I give you my love for eternity.

Closing Words

bride and groom,

in the years to come,

these rings will remind you

of the overwhelming joy of this special occasion.

May you always be as happy together as you are today.

We have gathered here and witnessed

the celebration of love that bride and groom have shown

and the commitment they have made to each other.

bride and groom

you share today the joy of a deep commitment and a sacred trust.

You have given each other the most precious gift of love.

Treasure it, nurture it and encourage it

with all the honesty you used in creating it.

You are sharing something rare and beautiful.

Always speak the truth and listen attentively,

so that you may understand each other’s thoughts and intentions.

Inspire each other by sharing your accomplishments.

Say “I love you” often to retain the warmth between you.

Laugh a lot too and remember,

you are each other’s best friend.

Stand together and for each other always,

be content in mind and spirit

and make each day a blessing and fulfilment of your dreams.

bride and groom

you have declared before all of us

your love and commitment to each other

and have symbolised this love

by joining hands, taking vows and exchanging rings.

Everyone here shares your joy

and joins me in wishing you a long and happy life together.

By the love that has brought you here today,

the vows you have exchanged

and by the integrity of your commitment,

in the presence of the witnesses here,

it is my very great pleasure to now pronounce you,

husband and wife.

groom, you may kiss your beautiful bride.


bride and groom,

On behalf of all of us here today,

congratulations to you both

and we wish you lives full of love, laughter and happiness.

May this beautiful day be the start

of the next chapter in your journey together.

Please join me everyone in congratulating, bride and groom

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