Contract conditions

Our contract Conditions of agreement

Conditions of the Agreement
Booking of a civil or religious ceremony:
The Portuguese Registry Office, competent priest, and/or the Foreigners and Border Office have the final decision on granting official permission about your wedding after appropriate bodies have received your papers.
The wedding planner thoroughly researches every case to the best of his knowledge, in order to get a licence for the chosen date and time, however this can not be ​guaranteed. In rare cases, the wedding planner will propose different times and alternative solutions, and do his best to accommodate your needs and wishes. This can sometimes be associated with additional costs.
Please note any documents handed to us will be filed by the registry office and won’t be returned. If there are any originals you need back, please inform us beforehand.
Booking of Services:
The wedding planner books the services on behalf of the customer, the liability in case of damage rests with each individual provider.
Booking of services/venue:
The wedding planning service is an inter mediating service between the couple and the service provider/venue. The wedding planner requests proposals and negotiates the best rates and conditions, advises the couple on details to consider, and fixes details of the service with the service provider.
Handling of bookings:
Any service booking will be handled in written. The wedding planner is able to prove any agreements made with service providers through the e-mails sent and received.
Payment of services:
The wedding planner will provide payment details for each service booked with us. In some cases and on agreement a payment forwarding service through the bank account stated below might be available.
Booking conditions:
All services booked require a non-refundable confirmation deposit of 50%. Some services even require a deposit of 100% as listed above. The remaining amount has to be paid either in cash on the wedding day or latest 5 days prior to the wedding day by bank transfer or Paypal.
In case of cancellations there are no additional charges. Deposits already paid are non-refundable.
Postponing of wedding day:
If due to unpredictable circumstances you have to change your wedding date, a surcharge for additional planning work may apply. This has to be calculated individually according to the progress of arrangements already made and arrangements requested. The service provider deposits may be lost. This has to be confirmed with each service provider.
Termination of the contract:
The contract will terminate automatically upon completion, but not before reception of all open amounts and fees.
By accepting the contract you also declare that you have read the details re civil weddings
(in case this is a civil wedding contract) as stated here: