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Lisbon (Cascais) - Restaurant Choupana Gordinni

Between Lisbon and Cascais runs a sea side road called the Marginal and the restaurant Choupana Gordinni lies right on this road. Placed on top of the stunning rocks it has an amazing view.

We can recommend this venue as one of the best choices in that area for the location and also for the value quality relation.

Please check out more details below:

This beautiful Space has the capacity to seat Groups/Events between 15 until 80 people (NOT EXCLUSIVE EVENT) or between 85 people until 120/160 people (EXCLUSIVE EVENT).

For the number of guests referred in your request, we consider it as a NON-EXCLUSIVE EVENT where we reserve a Table / an Area of the Restaurant, just for your event, and the remaining space will seat other clients (on the other side of the room) that will have lunch or dinner that day to Choupana Gordinni. There will be no other clients in your Area. After 85 people, the client should accept the Special Conditions for Exclusive Event, to be informed.

In all the Events that you will organize at Restaurant Choupana Gordinni it is possible to serve a Cocktail at the top floor TERRACE of the Restaurant, always followed by Lunch/Dinner at the main room (during Spring/Summer months and always if the weather allows). If the weather is bad (rainy, windy or humid), the Welcome Cocktail will be served next to the Lunch / Dinner tables of your Event (NON-EXCLUSIVE EVENTS).


If you wish to organise your Exclusive Event (no other clients in the room), please inform us to send you the Special Conditions to be considered.

If you wish to organise a Cocktail, before Lunch/Dinner in Exclusive, you should consider a maximum nº of 120/130 guests for the Event because if it won’t be possible to realize the Cocktail at the Terrace (due to bad weather conditions) it will be realized at the free area next to the Piano.

If you will wish to serve just a meal for the group (Lunch/Dinner), you should consider a maximum nº of 160 guests seated in the room.

(Lunch / Dinner – NON-EXCLUSIVE EVENT)

SUGGESTION FOR A WELCOME COCKTAIL = 12€/ per person (VAT included)
(During: 30/45 minutes)
• Sparkling Wine Sangria with Berries
• Orange Juice & Mineral Water
• Mini-hors d’ oeuvres
• Mini Vols au vent with variety of fillings (shrimp paste, tuna paste, tomato & rocket paste)
• Garlic butter on Gordinni Bread with Mozzarella au gratin (sliced)
• “Gordinni Starter” (sliced – chourizo, spinaches and Cheese wrapped in pizza pasta “al forno”/ au gratin)

(it is possible to change the menu – please send us your proposal by email to check the price/per person)

The MENU includes (please check our Menus Suggestions herewith):
 Couvert
 1 Starter (the same for all the group)
 1 Main Dish (the same for all the group)
 1 Dessert (the same for all the group)
 Drinks included during the meal (please check at the end of the Menu Suggestions document)
6 – Children Conditions /CHILD MENU:
 BABIES – free of charge (you can bring the baby’s soup to heat here without additional cost)
(if you choose the CHILDREN MENU for the baby, the price will be then same as CHILD MENU)
 CHILDREN MENU – from 02 until 10 years old (incl):
(the Children Menu = 50% of the adult price)
 Couvert: the same as the adults
 Carrot Cream
 Pizza Marguerita (with ham/cheese) or Picanha Dish with Rice and fries – choose 1 option before arrival
 Vanilla Ice-Cream ball or Chocolate Mousse – choose 1 option before arrival
 Mineral Water / Soft Drinks

It is possible to serve the Digestive with the Coffee, considering a Special Price for Events = 3,5€/per Digestive of
the following brands:

 Whisky Novo (JB/Cutty Sark)
 Aguardente 1920
 Amêndoa Amarga
 Licor Beirão

CAKE FOR THE EVENT (Company/ Birthday/ Baptism/ Wedding):
We do not make the cake at the Restaurant, but the client can bring it or ask your supplier to deliver it at
Choupana, the day of the Event (we cut the cake and serve it to your guests – this service does not have an extra

SPARKLING WINE (to serve with the Cake):
 It is possible to serve the Sparkling Wine with the cake.
 It is not allowed to bring the Sparkling Wine bottles (or any other drinks) to the Restaurant.
 We send you herewith a copy of the Sparkling Wine Suggestions to choose your favorite.

MENU PRINTING (on the tables):
The client is allowed to bring the Menus to the Choupana, so that we put it on the tables following your instructions.

If the client prefers that the restaurant will print and design the menus should considered the following prices:
(the menus are always printed in a light-yellow paper or white paper with glitter)

 Several Menus on the tables (1 per 4 people) = 0,50€/per person
 1 Menu per person / on each napkin = 1€/per person
 1 Menu per person / on each napkin, with satin little ribbon (cream, light rose or blue) = 1,5€/per person

 At this moment, we have the Pianist playing at the restaurant during Dinners on Thursdays, Fridays and
Saturdays (between 20h00 and 00h00) and during Lunches on Sunday (between 13h00 and 17h00) – with
several breaks to rest.
 During the Groups & Events without Exclusivity, the Pianist plays to all the clients – if the Event matches
with one of the days that the Pianist is playing, there is no extra charge.
 If the Event is realized in a different day, and you wish to have the Piano, the price is 120€+VAT23%,
during the same period of time as above mentioned (the Pianist plays to all the clients in the room).

DANCE IN THE RESTAURANT – Unauthorized in this option (only on EXCLUSIVE EVENTS)

OPEN BAR – Unauthorized in this option (only on EXCLUSIVE EVENTS)

DJ – Unauthorized in this option (only on EXCLUSIVE EVENTS)

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