Fado Experience Lisbon

The Midnight Fado Experience
This experience offers the possibility of attending to a Fado House and dining with a Fado singer.
The suggestion is for guests to have dinner in a Fado House with a fado singer that will join them throughout the rest of the evening, explaining the Fado’s history and telling stories about this song, for guests to understand it and the reasons that make Fado a magical experience.
. Fado Show
· Fado singer to accompany guests after dinner
· Dinner in a Fado house, including meal and drinks during meal (except spirit drinks)
· An actual Portuguese fado experience, as we, Portuguese, enjoy it
Not included:
· Transportation
· Drinks after dinner
Rate – €175,00 per person (from 4 to 6 persons)
         – €195,00 per person (from 2 to 3 persons)
Plus our booing Fee of 75 €
The Midnight Fado Premium Experience
The best way to discover fado is to experience it in its purest form. So join a fado singer on a tavern, café or terrace in the evening and listen to the conversation about the history of fado, in a typical Lisbon neighborhood.
And as the throat dries a little between conversation and songs, your glass will never be empty.
After getting to know fado and its origins, welcome the musicians into your group and allow them to show you “firstvoice”, the huge variety of fado styles.
However, as life is not made up entirely of conversation and tunes, dinner will be served in a fado house so you can experience all the magic that was explained to you earlier. At the restaurant, besides the typical gastronomy also enjoy the moment and the emblematic feeling of Lisbon. And do not forget: “Silêncio! Que se vai cantar o fado!” (“Silence! Fado will be sung now!”)
After dinner you will finally begin to feel the harmony of fado, its lyrics and the atmosphere.
You will remember this night, forever!
Approximated timetable
7:30 PM – Pick up at the hotel – then, we will go to a terrace or Portuguese tavern, depending on the weather.
8:30 PM – Dinner with the fado singer at the fado restaurant.
10:30 PM – First fado round (usually each round has 3 to 6 fados and there is a break between round)
??:?? – the time to leave is up to you


2 pax – €350 per pax
3 pax – €275 per pax
4 pax – €250 per pax
5 pax – €225 per pax
6 pax – €210 per pax
7 pax – €200 per pax
8 pax – €190 per pax
Plus our booing Fee of 75 €

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