Ceremony Texts

Your-Story- Sample text

The below is a sample text written by information you give to us. You can choose to see the Your-Story-Text before the wedding day and make changes or you can choose to keep it as a suprise for the day.

Eight years ago Romeo realized that his passion was not in Engineering, but in Business. However, his friends at the University of Ottawa remained devoted to their Engineering studies and so even though he had changed majors, Romeo found himself still hanging out at SITE, the School of Information Technology and Engineering.

Little did he know that his education in love and passion was just beginning. Juliet was first drawn to SITE by her passion for coffee but it was the table of fun-loving guys that kept her and her friends coming back.  She found herself looking for excuses to get closer to one particular “Hot Guy at SITE” and no amount of teasing would keep Juliet from finding out more.

Her research was nothing if not thorough and it wasn’t until she took a photo, zoomed in to check for nose hair and ear wax, that “Hot Guy at SITE” passed inspection.

With such dedication and painstaking analysis it’s hard to believe that, by October, Julietand her friends were struggling with their Physics studies. Luckily, her astute lab partner observed that Engineers are great at Physics and offered to introduce them to some tutors. With nothing but hope and her abysmal quiz results in hand, Juliet followed her lab partner right to the table that she and her friends had so often been watching. And so it was that Romeo, AKA “Hot Guy” met Juliet. It wasn’t long before she knew that she had met “the sweetest and most amazing guy in the world.” ……… Juliet failed the class.

Fast forward to August 5, 2013 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Romeo and Juliet were on vacation, sailing around Provincetown Bay in an old-fashioned schooner, the Bay Lady II. The day was perfect, bright and sunny, and the sails were full of wind to guide them past the beautiful sand dunes dotted with iconic lighthouses. They sat at the bow for a better view and before Juliet knew what was happening Romeo was down on one knee, addressing her by her full name, holding a ring and asking her to be his wife. Without any thought, Juliet began crying and laughing at the same time. She managed to blubber out a “yes”, much to the delight of the other passengers who burst into a round of applause for the happy couple.

From very early on in their relationship, Juliet and Romeo understood that they had found True Love. And although they have been in a committed relationship for nearly a decade, today is an opportunity for both of them to put that unspoken commitment into words. To say it out loud to each other and in front of the people who love them most. This is a significant moment for these two, a time when nothing is left unsaid, open to speculation or interpretation. Juliet and Romeo are committed to each other for eternity, and they want to say it loudly and proudly. When asked what she likes best about her husband-to-be, Juliet answered with confidence. Quite simply, Romeo shows his love through his actions. It’s much more than just words, it’s the million little things he does for her to let her know how much he cares for her. Anyone Romeo loves, he takes care of. When asked the same question about his wife-to-be, Romeo was equally sure in his answer. “She is the most selfless person I know.” Not to say that Juliet is in any way fragile, she wants what she wants. But her own needs come second to making sure that everyone around her is taken care of. ……Including all of Ottawa’s homeless cats.

When two people can answer with such honest simplicity, we feel that their bond must be strong, unshakable. But love and partnership has to be more than just embracing the positive traits that attract two people to one another. In reality, love can be difficult and sometimes we need to accept those traits that aren’t so enticing. Juliet has revealed that Romeo can be very cautious and reserved. “If we were a car, I’d be the gas and he’d be the brakes.” But rather than seeing this as a conflict of personalities, Juliet is determined to bring more spontaneity and adventure into Romeo’s life. She’s just the girl to get him out of his comfort zone. For his part, Romeo also knows that there is no such thing as perfection. For him, it’s the little things that can be annoying. The way Juliets lurps her soup and piña coladas, her inability to load the dishwasher properly, the constant dish towel on the counter, or the way she can never keep track of her phone. But it’s these little things that make Juliet who she is and Romeo understands this.

In a way, he loves those things, too.

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