Ceremony Locations

Lisbon - (Sintra): Elopements at beautiful Park

For an elopement ceremony (non-legally binding) with bride and groom only and no decorations, we suggest the Park of  Monserrate in Sintra.

There are several beautiful spots were you can hold the celebration ceremony, such as the chapel ruins or besides the waterfall or next to the lake or underneath one of the ancient trees of the park.
Met your celebrant at the entry gate and discover the place that feels right for you together. We suggest to bring shoes that are ok to walk with in the park. You can always have some high heels with you to change once you are were you’d like the celebration to take place.

We  recommend to include a two hour photographer package, starting from 375 €.
After the celebration ceremony you can take more photos in the stunning park and at outside of the palace.

Costs for this location: from 250 € (including our booking fee)

Contact us to book this location for your elopement

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