weddingRoseEvery wedding is of course a spiritual and a mindful act for the people who are entering into this bond and those who are witnessing this. In this section we want to post all our suggestions to make your wedding an even more mindful and spiritual event with:

Spiritual & Mindful WEDDING CEREMONIES

including  things like meditations, creating a circle with all the guests, hand fasting, fire ceremonies, singing with guests and other ideas

Spiritual & Mindful LOCATION

places that are retreat centers or healing and power places throughout Portugal

Spiritual & Mindful CATERING

with priority to organic vegan and raw wholefoods aswell as other cuisines (Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic ect). We work with a variety of chefs that can help you design the perfect wedding menu for you and your guest, inspire your guests with some healthy dishes that are just as tasty as the “normal” foods.

Spiritual & Mindful DECORATION

making your wedding decoration a sustainable issue whilst not loosing any beauty

Spiritual & Mindful FLOWERS

creating flower decorations with ethical and natural materials

Spiritual & Mindful MUSIC

let our spiritual musicians guide you with their music suggestions to create deeply moving moments for your wedding ceremony as well as a deeply pleasureful celebration to follow.

Spiritual & Mindful BEAUTY 

organic and ethical make up and hair styling and other beauty ideas

Spiritual & Mindful Guest activities

suggestions for group activities to happen on the days before, after or during the wedding day with the intention to make this a deeper experience that will touch everyone on a deep soul level, bringing healing and expansion.