Celebrant - Melanie (de, eng, pt)

Melanie, Founder of Wedding Portugal Planner Team, Wedding planner, Team manager, Wedding celebrant, coordinator and decorator.

“I have been leading  wedding celebrations since 2007 and it’s always a great pleasure to be part of this special momen…

Celebrant Andreas

Andreas Piper was born in 1966, in Bochum, Germany.

He speaks perfect German and good English, as well as good Portuguese.

In University, he studied Theatre Science, and later completed a post-graduation in expressive arts therapy.

He fell i…

Celebrant and MC - Jos

Born in 1967 Jos originates from Sheffield England and has lived in Portugal for much of his adult life. So of course English is his mother tounge and he speaks very good Portuguese.
With a life time of public hosting and entertainment behind him he…

Celebrant - Laura (fr, eng, pt)

Laura est née en Belgique en 1973 et elle a grandi au Portugal.
Elle a étudié la littérature française et allemande et elle a une maitrise (master /DEA) en
promotion de la lecture. Laura a travaillé comme traducteur et comme professeur de

Celebrant Anke (de, eng, pt,)

Anke ist our friendly celebrant and translator for wedding ceremonies on the island of Madeira.

Anke lives since more than 20 years on the beautiful Island and has worked there in tourism and also on the consulate.

Wedding celebration …

Greonne - Celebrant

Greonne is from Holland, but has been living in the Algarve, Portugal for more than 25 years. Many years she has been working in tourism, and in 2010 she made the first restaurant guide for the Algarve. This annual magazine is a big hit now in the Al…