Melanie Reeg

Melanie-Reeg-Wedding-Planner I  was born in Germany but have lived half of my live in Portugal now. I  speak perfect German and good English, as well as good Portuguese. I started wedding planning in 2007 with an American company that did  wedding planning worldwide.

In 2009 I  started my own website and business (, as a wedding planner and since than I have been planning many successful wedding ceremonies and receptions. Since 2012 I decided to specialize in the area of the wedding ceremonies, as I realized this is still the part that a couple from abroad will need most help with the planning.

I have been holding many celebration ceremonies and done lots of interpreting for civil weddings.

I do enjoy my job and it is my intention to make it the day you can enjoy and you can just be sure everything will be right. And in all honesty it is often a lot of things to handle and implies all sorts of skills and yes it can be stressful, but when the moment of “I do” comes and everyone is pleased I know it’s so worth it ;-) . Having lived in Portugal for more than 20 years now is a great help with my job, I think it’s a lot about understanding “how things work here” and its a lot about cultural understandings and the interpreting of not only words. Have a look at the testimonials page to see what couples say about my work.