Jörg Helms

Jorg_portraitHi my name is Jörg Helms and I am available as a wedding planner for your wedding in Portugal. I m originally from Germany and have lived in Canada and Portugal. Having worked in many different areas in my live, yes I do love variety, I guess I am a  good wedding planner, because with weddings things never get borring. No wedding is the same and I love this challenge and the creativ aspect.

I also am very thourough with helping couples with there documents for the civil weddings, which is a job that needs attention and focus to avoid problems and to make the hole process easy and painfree.

My biggest passion is howeever being a wedding celebrant. It is allways a great honor to have that part on this so very important day of two people and I do it with all my dedication.


Jörg Helms

Wedding Planner